Add:Guangzhou huangpu district dashadong road no.319 baolizhongyu 22F
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Address:guangzhou huangpu district dashadong road no. 319  baolizhongyu  building 22F
Telephone:020-28059537 66840111
Fax:020-28059543, 87540863
  Xianan address:xian south 2nd ring number 79 GuangFeng international 25 floor
Telephone:029-85272471, 85275186
Production branch address: guangzhou economic and technology development zone business road 10 to 16 first floor
Contact telephone/fax:020-82224323
  Yinchuan office address:means more than words can tell yinchuan area phoenix north street 3 building materials
Contact:Mr. Wang
Mobile phone:15202615386
Chengdu branch address: chengdu jinjiangqu jing an road no. 1
Contact:Mr. Ban

Beijing office address:Beijing chaoyang district dawn syli 5 yuan phoenix 6 2309
Contact:Mr. Ban

Xinjiang office: urumqi cultural palace road no. 59 auspicious garden A seat, room 1805
Contact:Mr. Chen
Telphone: 0991-5562571
  Gansu office: qingyang comfortable housing project district 7 floor 1 unit, room 101
Contact:Mr Cao