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Company profile

Company profile

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1. basic information

Hao LAN environmental protection co., LTD. Was established in 2000, the company headquarters is located in guangzhou. Guangdong hengjian investment holding co., ltd. directly under the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of guangdong province is the largest legal shareholder of the company. With academician workstation, is China's environmental protection industry backbone enterprises, environmental protection and technology of China standard drafting unit, the national major environmental protection technology supporting institution, the state environmental protection equipment specialization, the new enterprise, is the municipal government of guangdong province 50 strategic emerging industries backbone enterprises, one of the high-tech enterprises in guangdong province. It is a systematic service provider for environmental protection consultation, design, research and development, equipment production, general contractor of engineering (EPC), project investment (BOT/PPP) and operation management (O&M). At present, the company has the national environmental engineering wastewater class a, solid waste, air class b special design qualification; Have municipal general contract, professional contract for environmental protection qualifications, soil remediation grade a qualifications; Have the operation qualification of industrial waste water, domestic sewage, industrial waste and domestic waste; Passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification. In September 2017, three senior engineers of the company, li chuanguo, tan wenjie and wu dingsheng, were awarded the first batch of guangdong provincial honor medal of "the 30th anniversary of the honorable engaging in the environmental protection industry". In September 2018, the company was honored as "40 years of reform and opening up • paying tribute to guangdong environmental protection brand enterprise", "AAA credit enterprise of enterprise credit evaluation" by China environmental protection industry association, and "guangdong contract and credit enterprise of guangdong province" by guangdong administration for industry and commerce for 13 consecutive years.


2. Company business

1. Business expertise: take water treatment as the core (including water supply, cooling circulating water, sewage, reclaimed water recycling, high-salt-bearing waste water, zero discharge); Simultaneous development of solid waste treatment (from 2009 onwards); Environmental remediation (including soil remediation, river inflow remediation, lake basin remediation, heavy metal pollution remediation, etc.) is one of the few enterprises in China that have the expertise to provide comprehensive environmental services.

2. Business model: including EPC, PPP, BOT, DBO, and integrated environmental services.

3. Business layout: the company has formed five strategic regional layout with guangzhou, xi 'an, Beijing, urumqi and guiyang as the core; At the same time, the layout of the industry is formed with the military industry enterprise, energy chemical industry, municipal administration and industrial park as the core.

4. Industrial layout: military industry, energy and chemical industry, municipal administration and industrial park are the core industries.


3.Company technology

Approved by guangdong provincial government, in 2011 established the "blue green water pollution governance academician workstation" guangdong hao, hong-liang liu academician of Chinese academy of engineering, as a menber of blue chief scientists led by academician workstation for the construction of the environmental protection, has obtained the surface water and groundwater pollution prevention and control of key generic technology breakthrough, in the aspect of water pollution control technology and equipment, engineering in a national leading position; In 2012, the company and the shenyang institute of applied ecology of the Chinese academy of sciences established the "pollution site/soil pollution remediation research and development center", which is specialized in the investigation and evaluation of heavy metal pollution in industrial sites, mine waste residue, tailings reservoir area and farmland soil, and the research and application of remediation technologies. In 2015, the company established "guangdong industrial park wastewater pollution control and reclamation engineering technology research center" after being authorized by guangdong provincial department of science and technology. In 2016, the company jointly launched the technology innovation alliance of environmental restoration industry in guangdong province. The company has more than 40 patented technologies; State and guangdong province environmental protection science and technology first, second and third prizes each a (company "intensive aquaculture wastewater biological ecological treatment and recycling of complete sets of technology" and "high concentration of refractory chemical wastewater treatment technology" won the "national environmental protection science and technology award" and "guangdong province environmental protection science and technology awards"). The company's industrialization demonstration project "efficient and rapid water reuse integrated system" was included in the national torch plan of 2012. Five sewage treatment projects, including "sewage treatment plant of yulin yan zhuangzi industrial park", "mine water treatment project of shaanxi neng coal field co., LTD" and "underground water treatment project of jinfeng coal mine of shenhualing coal group", were awarded "national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project" by the ministry of environmental protection. Company independent research and development of a number of sewage treatment technology included in the catalogue of the state shall encourage the development of the major environmental protection technology and equipment, "the national environmental protection equipment" twelfth five-year "development plan", "national advanced concerning the demonstration technique for the pollution control list", the catalog of the state shall encourage the development of environmental protection technology, become the state encourages the development of major environmental protection technology and equipment supporting institution. The company has presided over the drafting of technical specifications for caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride industrial wastewater treatment engineering (HJ 2051-2016), and participated in the preparation of technical specifications for printed circuit board wastewater treatment engineering (HJ 2058-2018) and ectopic treatment of chromium contaminated soil.


4.Comprehensive environmental services

Environmental comprehensive service: it is a comprehensive service of consulting, design, research and development, engineering service, professional operation, equipment manufacturing, investment and financing for a region, industry or large enterprise group.

Gallant environmental protection is a system service provider that can provide comprehensive environmental services, and has rich practical experience in the application of this business model.

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