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The development of sewage treatment technology in China in the late 20th century

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National ">", "five-year", the establishment of the science and technology research project of the ninth five-year plan, the new technology of sewage treatment and sludge treatment in our country new technical, the reclaimed water reuse technology has obtained the good scientific research, some project has reached the international advanced level. Since the third plenary session of the eleventh in deng xiao-ping's theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics under the guidance, with the deepening of the excellent situation of reform and opening-up, our country's wastewater treatment has been rapid development. Foreign sewage treatment new technology, new technology, new equipment was introduced to our country, in the activated sludge process applications at the same time, AB method, the A/O method, double A/O method, CASS, SBR, oxidation ditch, stabilization pond and land treatment also has been applied in the construction of sewage treatment plant. In the past, the market of wastewater treatment technology development industry with the function of removing organics has been developed. Such as grille machine, submersible pump, desicding device, mud scraper, aerator, blower, sludge pump, water dewatering machine, biogas generator, biogas boiler, sludge digestion and stirring system and other large equipment.

Due to the large investment in the construction of large urban sewage treatment plants, China's construction funds are limited and cannot meet the needs of water pollution control. Therefore, the introduction of foreign capital construction sewage treatment works has become an important part of the construction fund, which has also accelerated the construction speed of urban sewage treatment plants in China. A number of large-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants have been built and put into production. The largest scale of our country in the 20th century was 600,000 m3 / d; Tianjin dongjiao sewage treatment plant, chengdu sanwa kiln sewage treatment plant, shenyang northern sewage treatment plant, zhengzhou wang xinzhuang sewage treatment plant processing scale are 400,000 m3 / d. These large sewage treatment plant construction of marks the growing of the sewage treatment in China, marks the development of wastewater treatment technology in our country, marks the government's emphasis on sewage treatment business in China, also marks the sewage treatment in our country enterprise development to a new stage.

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