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The environmental protection of the environmental protection industry in south China

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On April 26, 2017, guangdong province, environmental remediation industry technology innovation alliance board meeting for the first time and technology in 2017, guangdong province, environmental restoration industry peak BBS in south China normal university in guangzhou university city grand meeting successfully. Environmental protection co., LTD., and hao hao blue blue environmental protection is a wholly owned subsidiary of guangzhou everywhere with Thai environmental remediation co., LTD. Is a environmental restoration industry technology innovation alliance one of the major launch unit and the council units.
Hao blue environmental protection technology research and development director, senior engineer practice comrade Wen Biao representing hao blue were invited to attend and peak BBS on environmental restoration industry technology made the heavy metal pollution area stable curing technology and its application demonstration, technical reports and remarks, won the high recognition and positive response, at the same time by the guangdong environmental repair industry technology innovation alliance hired professional committee (technology). Environmental protection co., LTD. Has the guangdong hao hao blue blue green water pollution governance academician workstation and field/soil bioremediation technology r&d center technology research and development platform, and over the years committed to the development of the environmental restoration technology research and application. Technology research and development, one of the "heavy metal contaminated sites stable curing technology", blue is hao independent research and development of environmental protection of curing stabilizer (calcium silicon and silicon phosphorus series), on the basis of immobilized + stability becomes the main technology of heavy metal contaminated sites/soil remediation technology, this technology has applied to the design of multiple sites/soil treatment to repair project, for the northwest, central and southern China, southwest of heavy metal pollution sites/soil restoration has brought the very good demonstration effect, won the state environmental protection department, the construction unit and the local people's highly praised and widely recognized, including "xinjiang yarkant everlast smelting site environment monitoring and soil restoration project" won the only national demonstration project - soil restoration project "2014 national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project" national honor and highly recognized, fully reveal hao blue green power in the field of soil restoration.
Hao blue green co., LTD. Since 2009 the company established environmental restoration technical team, and to carry out the "stable technology of heavy metal contaminated sites curing" independent research and development, 2011-2012, have two special plan of science and technology industry research project in guangdong province, in 2014 for "a way to control heavy metal pollution of the preparation method of the fly ash stabilizing agent" (patent no. : 201210224302.8), and other five state authorized patents in the field of soil restoration. In 2016, the company participated in the preparation of the ministry of environmental protection's technical guide for the treatment of chromium contaminated soil.
Guangdong province environmental restoration industry technology innovation alliance is soil and water body repair in our country lack of policies and regulations, technical ability is weak, the market supply gap, the industrial chain to be established under the background of integration, to further promote the colleges and universities, research institutes, environmental protection industry, value chain, the depth of the innovation chain integration, hao blue environmental protection depends on soil restoration r&d technical strength and rich experience in project, joint scientific research units, and will continue to organize activities in the south China region and even the national soil repair construction, to improve environmental remediation technology level and industrial competitiveness in south China.


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