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I. reference
Job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above, major in engineering management, environmental engineering, civil engineering, industrial automation, etc., with more than one year working experience, with reference certificate or junior technical title;
2. Master the construction process information requirements of civil engineering or installation;
3. Independently responsible for organizing the complete set of civil engineering and installation of completed data;
4. Adapt to long-term business trips.


II. Safety inspector
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, safety management or civil engineering, electrical engineering major;
2. Working experience of engineering quality inspector or safety officer for more than 2 years;
3. Familiar with civil engineering construction and installation;
Knowledge of electric, suspension and erection.


III. Sales manager (location: guangzhou, guiyang, xi 'an, xinjiang)
Job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above;
2. One year sales work experience;
3. Have strong communication skills and can bear hardships and stand hard work;
4. Interested in the environmental protection industry and keen on market expansion;
5. Adapt to frequent national business trips.


Iv. Water process design engineer (location: guiyang)
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree, environmental engineering or related major;
2, have been engaged in environmental engineering design work, have more than two years of sewage treatment engineering design experience;
3. Can independently complete the design of sewage treatment works;
4. Experience in industrial waste water design is preferred.


V. deputy chief engineer of construction
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical, standard of putonghua;
2. Have more than 15 years of professional experience, more than 10 years working experience;
3. Working experience in environmental engineering enterprises is preferred;
4. Responsible for the audit of the professional technical achievements of piping installation, and guide the solution of technical problems arising from the design and construction process;
5. Be a lecturer in professional technical training for internal installation and construction of the company.
6. Pre-settlement clerk


Job requirements:
College degree or above, major in construction engineering, cost, budget, etc.
2. 3 years working experience, have a budget member certificate;
3. Project investment analysis, carry out daily cost estimation and provide design change cost suggestion;
4. Responsible for reviewing the design estimation, construction drawing budget, bidding document preparation and engineering quantity calculation;
5. Prepare the project cost according to the progress of the site;
6. Payment review, settlement management, budget and final report;
7. Change the negotiation and handling of claims.


Vii. Material buyer
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in engineering;
2. Outgoing, strong communication ability, earnest and active, good at learning and integrity.
3, more than two years experience in material purchasing, familiar with the process of material specifications, standards, market situation, understand the procurement process, have a certain communication ability, have a certain negotiation, negotiation skills, have a certain oral and written expression ability, familiar with the term of the contract, have the ability to work independently. Good command of office software.
4. Understand the market of materials and timely feedback to the company procurement center.
5. Completed the procurement of materials according to the company's procurement management rules and regulations under the guidance of the procurement center.


Eighth, the construction deputy general worker
Job responsibilities:
1. Bachelor degree or above, civil engineering senior engineer, putonghua standard;
2. Have more than 10 years of experience in civil engineering design and over 5 years of on-site construction experience;
3. Working experience in environmental engineering enterprises is preferred;
4. Responsible for reviewing the technical achievements of civil engineering and guiding the technical problems arising from the design and construction process;
To be a lecturer in the technical training of civil engineering in the company.
9. General ledger accounting


Job requirements:
More than 3 years of accounting experience in the general ledger, and a year or more of experience of consolidated reporting;
2. Have the same position experience as the construction enterprise, construction industry or environmental protection enterprise;
3. Strong communication and coordination ability, able to work hard, active and team-driven;
4. Proficient in using U8 financial software.
5. According to accounting standards and the company's accounting standard requirements, accounting salary;
6. Follow up the revenue cost confirmation and make the accounting of revenue cost every month;
7. Check the accounts according to the regulations and issue the parent company's financial statements on time;
8. Reconciliation with subsidiaries and branches, compiling and adjusting entries, preparing consolidated financial statements;
9. Other temporary work.
10. Legal post


Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree of law, relevant certificate of legal professional qualification certificate;
2. Master financial and legal basic support, familiar with relevant regulations and policies of company law/securities law/initial public offering;
3. Familiar with the legal issues in the IPO process and familiar with the three rules of governance;
4. Knowledge of business, finance, law and management necessary to perform the duties;
5. Excellent language skills, strong communication and coordination skills; To organize the overall organization; Excellent social and public relations skills;
6. Strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of confidentiality, good personal quality and professional ethics, and a high priority for IPO experience.
11. President's secretary


Job responsibilities:
1. Relevant major in language, philosophy and history, bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant experience;
2, to be responsible for the overall work of the office under the leadership of the President, and to work hard to be the chief assistant of the President, to serve the functions of the above, and to fully serve the full service.
3. Responsible for the arrangement, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the specific management of enterprises under the leadership of the President.
4. Assist the President to manage and supervise the management of the business services and supervise and supervise the implementation of the implementation.
5. Responsible for the classification and submission of various documents, please lead the review and transfer to relevant departments.
6. Assist the President in investigating and researching the operation and management of the company and making Suggestions or Suggestions for the general manager to make decisions.


Xii. Commissioning staff (location: xinjiang, xi 'an)
Job requirements:
1. Major in water supply and drainage, environmental engineering and biological engineering, familiar with the treatment process of various waste water, and the experience of debugging practical projects is preferred;
2. Have strong technical coordination ability and have the ability to handle emergency situations at any time;
3. During the construction process, responsible for the optimization and debugging of the process and solving the technical problems in the construction;
4. Work actively, have a plan and principle, have a good team spirit and have good discipline.
5. Water treatment certificate or relevant technical titles.


13. Assistant manager (location: guiyang)
Job requirements:
1. Administrative management, environmental engineering, marketing, etc.
2. Have 1-2 years relevant working experience;
3. Have strong communication skills and ability to respond to travel;
4. Preferential treatment of government reception and other relevant experience.


14. Administrative commissioner (work location: guiyang)
Job requirements:
1. Administrative management, human resources management, business administration and other related disciplines, college or above;
2. Responsible for the administrative work of the company;
3. Proficient in general office software and good writing ability;
4. Cheerful personality and good communication skills;
5. Have more than 1 year of administrative experience.


Corporate benefits:
1. Purchase five social insurance and one housing fund and business accident insurance, and get free annual physical examination;
Organize a group tour at least once a year;
3. At least once a year;
4. At least once a week.
Contact information:
Telephone: 020-66840111 miss li
Fax: 020-87540863
The company's address: the 24th floor of wusheng tower, no.1, tianhe district, guangzhou