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Talent concept

Talent concept

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  • Time of issue:2022-03-29 15:29:33
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1, talent strategy:
(1) as environmental protection industry talent pool;
(2) the treatment of employees in industry high-end level.

2, the core idea: people-oriented.
"People" are the most valuable resource, "person" is to create value of the fundamental, pay attention to the "CNHOMELAND people", pay attention to the "person" the fundamental demand, pay attention to talents to grow. Hao blue the company can have today's achievement, the key is the company has a large number of outstanding talents, All the company's human resources policy, are based on the development of the "people" potential, excitation "human" subjective initiative designed.

3, company talent:
(1) and hao blue goal keeps consistent, willing and able to help hao blue continuous goals, is "hao blue people", it is hao blue talent.
(2) the talented person's three levels: training exercise reserve talents, positioning the future strategic talents, solve the problem of the tactical talents.

4, employing idea:
(1) the standards, to use, reliable, use up.
(2) the ability is the premise, identity is a foundation, quality is the core, innovation is the opportunity.
(3) talent is out of the experience. The backbone is flounder out.

5, employee behavior norms: to build learning organization, do professional staff.
To study the practical application for the standard, with professional employees for the standard, words and deeds to hao blue master for the standard, treat people in business etiquette for standard, contradiction to the interests of the company as the standard, the growth in talent concept as the standard.

6, distribution idea: wealth service to society, and profit sharing to employees.
(1) wealth service to the society: the company to create wealth, and ultimately service to the society.
(2) the profit sharing to employees: reflect value, able men are always busy, many pains more work, more work much.

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