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HAO for the Vast and LAN for the Lofty

Civilization originates in the barbaric and culture comes from the dream.

Culture is nothing void. It exists in every corner of an enterprise and the thinking of the entrepreneur, shows in people’s daily behavior, expression and even in every pore, exerts an impact upon everyone whose interest is connected to the enterprise and, due to such impact, restrains or promotes the enterprise development. Culture reflects the internal corporate spirit and the behavioral performance.

CNHomeland, an ambitious company, has established her unique cultural concepts after many years of hardworking by the founders.

HAO means a vast spirit. As wise ancestors put it, “This vast spirit lies in the common and fills the gap between heaven and earth. It stands without a fixed shape, moves without a driving power, comes into being without being born and does not disappear after death. It could be rivers and mountain on the earth or suns and stars in the heaven.”

LAN means the broad, high and far just like the blue sky and the vast ocean.

What CNHomeland pursues is the perpetual dream of Returning to the home where man and nature coexist in harmony.

Every great company has its unique greatness. And all great companies have something in common. They have, for example, a great leader and a team of talented people who share the same great dream. They respect and understand customers, stick to their dreams, emphasize product quality, agree with their employees, behave in a responsible way and progress as the time progresses. Their efforts change people’s lifestyle, offer people a different choice beyond reality and, what’s more important, cultivate new lifestyles and ways of thinking, etc.

CNHomeland employs a team of eco-friendly talents who are united for their ambitions, uphold vast and far-reaching visions and creditable and responsible business concepts, and are able to think in a strategic way. HAOLAN’s products are changing man’s lifestyle.

All these are water drops that merge into small rivers that gradually grow up and join other rivers before they finally empty into the ocean.

I. CNHomeland Mission: Protect the environment and clear up the source.
II. CNHomeland Vision: Set up a century-old business, become a landmark in the industry, and grow into a world leading environmental solution provider.
III. CNHomeland LOGO: Return to the home where man and nature coexist in harmony.
IV. Corporate Values: People, Excellence and Development. Responsibility, Value, Vigor and Vastness.
V. Corporate Spirit: Vast, Lofty, Just and Hardworking
VI. Business Concept: Strategy for success and steady for development.
VII. Market Policy: Market brand, spread culture, undertake responsibility and create value.
VIII. Engineering Concept: Up-to-standard emission, reliable operation, moderate investment and low operating cost.
IX. HR Policy: Qualified, cooperative, reliable and affordable.
X. Remuneration Policy: Contribute fortune to the society and share profit with the employees.

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