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Project investment
EPC, BT, BOT, DBO, PPP investment or joint venture of urban water supply plant, municipal sewage plant, municipal refuse factory, industrial park wastewater etc
R&d and production
Project research and development: all kinds of environmental engineering project research and pilot. Equipment production: production and development of various equipment
Consultation and design
Environmental consultation: environmental impact assessment, project feasibility study report, regional environmental planning, engineering investment consultation Project design: according to the eia, each type of design is carried out.
Operations management
The operation and management of various industrial wastewater, living sewage and landfill sites.
Solid waste management
Solid waste, solid waste landfill site and the collector system, construction waste landfill site, special garbage disposal, medical waste treatment, sludge treatment, sewage treatment, waste leachate treatment plant sludge, etc. Company in 2009, set up the solid waste management team, in accordance with the need of country advocates management of solid waste technology research and development and management, have been living in the garbage, industrial waste, eat hutch waste disposal has achieved good results.
Environmental remediation
Founded in 2011 the first environmental repair professional company, guangzhou, guangdong province, the four seas with Thai environmental remediation co., LTD., specializing in national five-year plan on the agenda of soil restoration and 13 area water environmental governance problems in technology research and development and engineering implementation. To undertake the project research of guangdong province science and technology project.
Water pollution control Main business details
Water pollution governance, the company worked in municipal sewage treatment, electroplating waste water treatment, military industry wastewater treatment and so on more than 30 industry sewage treatment, sewage sludge of wastewater in gunpowder, explosives, alkali, high salt content in coal chemical industry wastewater, organic wastewater and high concentration of chemical waste water, fruit juice in waste water, waste water recycling, medical wastewater treatment technique in the leading position in the country.

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