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I. service philosophy:
Fulfill the responsibility for the clients, and achieve their dreams
Take the problem away and leave it to your satisfaction.


II. Scope of service:
Our company provides customers with comprehensive, systematic and high-quality after-sales service:
1. Provide the user with operational procedures, equipment safety and maintenance procedures, and job responsibilities.
2. Provide operation management and operation training to users to ensure that the personnel can work independently.
According to the user's requirement, the equipment and accessories and other engineering running consumables are required for the operation of the daigou project.
Provide free technical consultation and support to users for free in the long term.
5. Establish engineering contact, after-sales service personnel according to the monthly consultation system, monthly telephone enquiries, detailed information about the system operation and equipment use, environmental supervision department testing and other files.
6. After-sales service personnel regularly visit users quarterly and guide users to perform daily operation and management.
7. During the warranty period, we provide customers with quality maintenance and maintenance services for free; To provide high quality and preferential value services if necessary.


III. Service mode:
1. Diversified training services
Before each project completion, the company will arrange professional staff for project follow-up operation training for customers, including the theoretical study and field training, guarantee the project after the handover, the client can run well for yourself.
2. Monthly polling system and quarterly tour system
My company has specialized after-sales service department, according to the provisions of the company for all the completed project, my company's after-sales service personnel will be on monthly telephone enquiries, quarter of on-site inspections, eliminate engineering problems in order to advance the hidden danger, ensure the stable operation of the project.
3. Set up a special customer service hotline and a complaint phone (24 hours for you)
Projects run once appear, fault, the client can immediately call our customer service hotline, reflect the status of the problem, my company after-sales service staff will call guidance to solve in the first place, the phone cannot solve, will with the fastest speed, to arrange personnel to the scene to solve.
We will strictly implement the above commitment to you, and throughout the after-sales service, thoroughly solve your worries, and also welcome your comments and Suggestions on our work. If to my company's after-sales service personnel are not satisfied with the service can call our telephone complaints, we will be according to the regulations of the internal management, to relevant personnel disposal, give you a satisfactory answer.

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